Gildan Activewear

After careful consideration we decided to go with invoice finance as we did not want our customers to know that their invoices were being factored.
Our association with Pacific Invoice Financing has proved to be extremely beneficial. Sales have more than doubled. Our growth has been relatively stress free. Our control of cash and debtors has remained totally in our hands.
Sales, profits, capital accumulation,and cash flow have now reached a stage where our Bank has been happy to fund us again. All this has happened within the three year plan, which was our aim when we started using Pacific Invoice finance.
For businesses in a similar situation to ours I would have no hesitation in recommending Invoice financing as a very viable way forward. Further to this, we have found Michael and his team at Pacific Invoice Finance to be extremely helpful and efficient and would be happy to recommend them to an potential customers of theirs. 

Andrew Donald
Managing Director