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Invoice Finance

Our finance service can turn your invoices into cash as you generate them. No more waiting 60, 90 days or more. This means your working capital is driven directly by your current sales. The more sales - the more cash. Unlike an overdraft there is no fixed limit and need to renegotiate as you grow. Good cashflow places you in a strong position with suppliers and makes offering settlement discounts unnecessary.

Well-established businesses with their own effective credit control and collection systems will use this service. This gives them the flexibility of sales linked financing, but they use their own credit control systems. This maintains the confidentiality of the service because neither your customers nor your competitors need know of our involvement.

How does it work?

Invoice Financing is a very easy process to implement and maintain. We undertake our due diligence process and once approved, we then offer you a facility. Because we are not constrained by a bank's rigid risk policy and rulebook, this approval process usually takes no more than 24 hours.

Once approved your ledger is then duplicated on our system. This means that you can draw funds from us within 24 hours of completion of the due diligence process. Imagine that, you now have access to cash from your invoices as you continue to make sales.

Typical General Criteria

  • May be an established business or new venture
  • Looking for additional working capital to fund growth / Acquisition / Equity release etc.
  • Will typically have an annual turnover $500k+
  • Have sales to trade customers on credit terms with a high level of repeat business
  • Have low levels of customer returns i.e. sale or return terms wont suit invoice finance